Neha Palace: Event Space And Full-Service Event Management

mpending special event, like a party or anniversary? Feeling trapped in the Bronx, or greater New York area? Why not take a trip out to the “country,” and hold your next function in beautiful Westchester County? Neha Palace is far more than just the best Indian restaurant in the New York City metro area (check out our Yelp page if you don’t believe us!). In addition to plating authentic Indian sit-down meals in our restaurant, we offer professional catering services, including the help of our dedicated catering staff! Anywhere you want it, anytime, you can have your favorite Neha meals served steaming fresh; you don’t have to do a thing.

Better yet, why not hold your event right here, in our dedicated event space? A pristine, clean, classic ballroom, ideal for intimate family gatherings and huge blow-out parties alike! Plus, the best Indian food in Westchester County is right across the hall, fresh and ready for your guests to enjoy without any hassle.

Not interested in serving your guests our Indian food? No problem. We’re glad to welcome other caterers into our facilities.

Even if you choose to have your event at Neha catered by another company, you can still leave the details up to us. Tell us what you want and we’ll do all the coordinating. Why focus on minutiae when all you really want is to have fun?

Our event hall is even equipped with a dedicated food-preparation station (which often doubles as a bar!) for them to use. [space height=”5″]

As you can see, it’s elegant and modern, perfect for any occasion! Our event hall is extremely spacious, comfortably accommodating up to 300 guests! But unlike other local options, we don’t require you to guarantee an outrageous amount of visitors. Our event packages start as low as 50 guests!

What We Have That Others Don’t

We’re not going to name any names, but we offer a diverse range of services, a range much wider than our competitors.

  • Professional wait-staff
  • Performance stage
  • Professional-quality, customizable LED lighting
  • Party decorations (we did everything you see in the pictures above!)
  • Halal certified kitchen
  • Professional PA (Personal Audio) system
  • “Full-service event management,” which means we do all the work!
  • Team of professional event planners

[space height=”5″] And all of these services come standard, no matter how many guests you’re expecting./p>

For more information on our full-service event management, visit our Catering page.

Whether you’re coming from far afield or right down the block, Neha Palace’s event space is worth the trip! Stop in any time (maybe after a day of shopping at Cross County Center!), and experience the traditional flavors of Indian regional cuisines in our gorgeous, contemporary dining room.

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