Fulfillment Policy

Fulfillment Policy

Neha Palace allows online ordering for food orders on its platform nehapalaceyonkers.com. By ordering on Neha Palace, you agree to the following fulfillment policy from Neha Palace.

Neha Palace allows for food ordering for take-away and delivery orders. Neha Palace uses an ordering system from cloudwaitress for online ordering.

The orders will be fulfilled by Neha Palace.

All take-away orders are to be collected from Neha Palace at respective time mentioned during the orders. Neha Palace would not be liable for order cancellations and refunds for ANY delays in food pickup. Take-away orders from Neha Palace CANNOT be cancelled for any reason. A 100% cancellation charge is application on cancellation of Take-Away orders.

For delivery orders, we use third party delivery partners for order fulfillment. Food being perishable item, there are no refunds application for delayed deliveries, spillovers and taste issues. A refund would be considered from Neha Palace if the delivery is delayed by more than 2 hours from estimated time.

Max liability from Neha Palace for any issues is upto $100.

Customers are required to verify the order on take-away and delivery. There are no refunds applicable in case or order discrepencies after acceptance of the orders.