Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

A bridal shower is an important part of any wedding. Weddings represent a momentous event in every bride’s life.

After all, like the bachelor party, it is a time alone with friends to talk and remember, and to celebrate her coming nuptials. Bridal showers are a great way to reminisce about the past, and look forward to a bright future.

Best Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

So you want to make it special. Here are a few themes you could try to execute which will make the event more memorable:

Hollywood theme
Have the attendees dress up in fancier attire than they normally would for a bridal shower. They should dress similarly to the Academy awards night in Hollywood, with lots of glitter and glam. Find some red carpet to roll out for guests that night, and serve champagne. Finally, have “envelopes” in which you announce the winners of the best dressed ladies, before embellishing the guest of honor with gifts. Use a limousine service if you can arrange this for added authenticity and have someone film the entrances as each guest arrives.
Spa Party
This one is a little over the top but a fun idea. Have the guests bring various items for a spa, and offer little soaps, foot scrub brushes, and other accessories to use at the shower, as well as to take home with them. The idea is to relax together and pamper yourselves. Share different little items the guests bring from home to make the spa complete. Send home little soaps or foot brushes for party favors.
Treasure Hunt
Have the gifts for the bride hidden in various places around the house or outside the house. Make up clues that rhyme to make the game more fun and get everyone involved in the hunt. Everyone should help find the items but of course, only the bride gets to keep them. (It is HER shower, after all!)
Wine and Cheese Tasting Shower
In this variation, you could bring gifts that enhance the theme as well, such as a cutting board for cheese, various knives, and expensive wines. Guests would enjoy an evening of tasting of different fine wines and cheese samples, or make it more fun by having guests or the bride try to guess which wine they are sampling while blindfolded. It is sure to be a fun evening, especially after everyone has sampled a bit too much of the product.
Pajama or Lingerie Party
Like when you were a kid, you could have a pajama party/sleepover type of bridal shower. Again, the gifts could echo the theme by showering the guest of honor with new lingerie of different kinds, or gifts could vary and you could just enjoy the theme. The key is to have fun and remind the bride it is her last night with the girls before a lifetime of wedded bliss with the man of her life.
Bowling Party theme
If you have friends who love bowling, this can be a popular theme. Have everyone bring their bowling shoes and meet up at the local bowling alley. Divide into teams and bowl of presents which are purchased for the bride. One twist on this is to have the highest scorers open the presents for the bride, rather than having her open them all herself.
Balloon Release
After opening the presents, go outside and release 100 balloons into the air, to celebrate the release of the bride’s “freedom” as a single girl.

Come Up With Your Own Bridal Shower Ideas!

This list could go on but here are a few nifty ideas which are unique. Make it as imaginative as you like, and just have fun with it! The key is to remember you are lavishing the bride with gifts that she will like and can use, while making the bridal shower a memorable occasion. The limits are only with your imagination. Try to think up your own too and see what you can come up with!

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